Mind-Blowing Trompe l’oeil Mural to Extend an Apartment Complex in Russia

Earlier this year, for the event of the Urban Morpho Genesis festival in Russia, artist Danila Shmelev, known as Shozy, created a trompe l’oeil street mural to create an illusionary 3D extension for the dead, window-less concrete elevations of an apartment complex in Russia, the city of Solnechnogorsk.

Arch2O shozy 3d mural extend an apartment complex in russia 1

Images courtesy of Urban Morpho Genesis

The artwork creates a perplexing optical illusion, looking to be a three-dimensional structure with additional balconies, windows, and rooms when it’s actually lying flat on the building’s corner walls.

3D Mural Extends a Concrete Building in Russia

“Urban Morphogenesis” is a unique project in Russia, wherein one small territory is collected murals of famous urban artists from all over the world. The trompe l’oeil street art by Shozy impressed the locals and pass-biers because of how mind-blowingly realistic it looks throughout the day.

Arch2O mind blowing 3d mural to extend an apartment complex in russia

Images courtesy of Urban Morpho Genesis

With an illusory geometry, the piece aims to visually enlarge the pre-existing five-story tower. At first glance, passers-by may overlook the mural, which blends in with the surroundings. Viewers are forced to take a second look and are astonished by the bizarre piece, which stimulates them to think about their surroundings.

Arch2O shozy 3d mural extend an apartment complex in russia 3

Images courtesy of Urban Morpho Genesis

“In Russia, we are all used to the architecture of panel houses. Our eyes are so blurred that aesthetics are out of the question […] with my work, I want to focus the viewer’s attention on a familiar landscape and show it from an unusual side,”
—Said Danila Shmelev, AKA Shozy

Danila Shmelev aka Shozy, is a talented street artist from Moscow, Russia who specializes in hyperrealistic optical illusions that capture the viewer’s imagination.

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